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LTC Monthly Billing Memo

Happy Back to School !! Yikes !!

Please read your insert this month, new billing statements and due date starting in September !! 

60 meg available in all areas !! Must have a docsis 3 modem. We can answer your questions ! Call 810-621-3301.

Trifecta Customers: Expanded basic customers can now get an HD box or DVR without upgrading to Digital Basic. Record your favorite programs, have the programming guide, order InDemand movies, subscribe to Movie Tiers if you want……..etc !!!! Call 810-621-3363 to schedule an appointment !! New HD channels on 175-187, Tennis channel coming soon to 96.5 & 337.

To report child abuse or neglect there is a new 24/7 toll-free number you can call. (1-855-444-3911)

Check us out on Facebook, play our trivia game on Monday mornings around 10 am. Winners get a $5 credit on their bill ! Also, check for “facebook only” specials and deals !!

We have DVR’s !! Pause live TV, record your favorite show while watching another….the options are endless !! Call (810) 621-3363 for prices and info, or stop by our office to check out the DVR. It’s fun and convenient with TVC Cable. Now only $10 per month !

Pay Your Bill online !! Go to and click on Lennon Online Billing. You can look at your monthly statements online, print them out, pay your bill immediately ! You can even have your monthly phone bill emailed to you every month, instead of regular mail – Save us both some money !! Our website “rocks,” check it out !!

8 local HD & 32 regular HD channels available to TVC Customers with an HDTV !! Only need expanded basic or higher to receive these channels !! Call 621-3363 for more details, get more with TVC !! Remember, TVC has Big Ten Network, Golf HD, Big Ten HD, ESPN HD & FSN HD !! Also, Discovery Network channels all in HD and GSN, Hallmark and Lifetime Movies in HD !!

Sign up for the “Do not call list” to cut down on telemarketing calls !! Call 1-888-382-1222 or go online to and click on “Register a Phone Number.” This will help cut down on those unwanted calls that always come at the worst times from salespeople and
telemarketers !!

Do you qualify for Lifeline Service? Lifeline helps make telephone service more affordable for low-income consumers by providing discounts on basic local telephone service. If you qualify, you could receive up to $11.25 off your local telephone bill. Please call 1-866-321-2323 or go to to get an application for Lifeline service and start saving money !! Senior Citizens that qualify can receive an even bigger discount !!

Total Communications is now has calling plans as low as 4 cents per minute. What are you waiting for? Call us to start saving money on your long distance today !! Senior Citizens get 100 minutes FREE – Ask us how !! Do you have a lot of long distance minutes? Call us to customize a calling plan just for you !! Trifecta customers now get 200 FREE minutes per month !! Call our Office to sign up !!

If you have service with both Lennon Telephone Company and TVC Cable and receive separate bills, you can save $3.00 a month just for paying your bills on time. Any active customer that pays both bills by the due date will receive a $3.00 discount on your following months’ Lennon Telephone Company billing statement only. We also give a credit of $3.00 to any customer that has a service from both Lennon Telephone Company and TVC Cable. This credit comes on your TVC bill only. This is our way of saying “Thanks” for being a loyal customer !! If you have any questions about these credits, call us !! 621-3301 or 621-3363. (Trifecta customers do not receive these credits, you already save a bunch!)

411 Information service
Get phone numbers for anyone in the United States !! Just dial 4-1-1 !!
Local Directory Assistance Lookup ( 810 ) area code: $.92 per call.
National Directory Assistance Lookup: $1.10 per call.
It’s fast and convenient for you !! Calls may be connected for an additional fee, listen for the option !!